Keep on getting back up!

TRIBE!!! This workout will be quick but teaches us all a very important lesson.

Sometimes the battles we face in life will be hard. We never know how long our trials will take - a quick fight, or an enduring war.... But what makes the difference between a winner and warrior - vs- those left defeated and feeling sorry for themselves, is the ability to get back up each and every time you feel yourself beat down and tired, and push on to that next step, rep, movement. 

Quick workouts like this one help us develop far more than conditioning and anaerobic capacity. It helps us develop the mental fortitude and mental toughness to keep getting back up, never getting defeated, and trudging through the shit to get to the other side of the battle. 

That's the mentality I implore you to spend a few minutes visualizing while you warm up for this quick burner. Our TNT R&D thinkers are in the works of creating something magical for all you would be warriors to take on in the new year, to develop and unkillable body & unbreakable mind. Todays workout is a little snapshot of what's to come.

Dig deep tribe, we grow together!


As Fast As Possible:

Starting with 10 Burpees, + 10 Burpees after each round (including finishing with 10 Burpees at the end of the workout)


Step Ups


(1 rep = 1 step up with both feet R+L) Box or Plate height = 20" 

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