Merry Christmas Tribe!

‘It’s the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread some holiday cheer than by staying a few jumps ahead Santa! 5 more sleeps until the Fat-man home invades your place leaving his toys and trinkets behind for you to find in the morning 😅🤣, so let’s get ahead of Mr Cringle and get our Burpee on!


100 Burpee Broad Jumps

(Complete a burpee, but instead of jumping up at the top of the rep - complete a broad jump as far forward as possible. Turn around and complete the bottom part of the rep & Repeat x100!)

With the fast approaching holiday it’s so important to stay on top of being active and eating healthy and managing the stress that inevitably comes with the holiday season. Don’t let that stress take ahold and bring down your festive spirits. By simply getting active, making a few healthier food choices, and by taking the time for self care during this busy time of year - you can stay just as jolly as the big man himself. Workouts like todays allow you to dump the seasons stresses out, and give your body a much needed present of increased activity and movement! 

Incorporating workouts into your holiday routines can do more then just keep you physically fit - it can also have a huge impact on your mindset and stress levels (which we all know can get a little out of control during this crazy time of year!). Workouts like this help you release your endorphins, which improve your mood & help to release stress and anxiety from your day. Plus setting aside time for yourself during your hectic holidays can help you feel more centred, making it easier to manage all your festive family visits - and holiday hustles. 
Even Santa gets his Fitmas on before he heads our for deliveries on Christmas Eve 🎅🏼

Remember Tribe - it’s okay to indulge in a little holiday cheer over the next week, just be sure to set some time aside for yourself and stay active wherever time permits, and make sure to enjoy this wonderful time of year. Here’s to a fit & jolly holiday season, and a new year filled with even more sweat and cheer! 

We will see you after the holidays but before the new year! 




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