Happy New Years! 

I'm hoping all of you stayed active and healthy over the hectic holidays - and are scratching at the bit to get back to work!

This weeks workout holds a very near and dear place in my heart, as a TEMS medic - when you hear those words your whole world kicks into overdrive - as you work is about to get done, and needs to get done NOW. 

"MEDIC UP!" is like the blast gun to the start of a race for those in the teams, whos job it is to make sure the team keeps on working. It shoots through any noise and distraction, and signals you to pick up - dust off - and get your ass moving as work needs to get done NOW... 

Well todays workout is signaling all you tribe members the same - It is time to put in some work and get ready to tackle this spicy upper body conditioning workout. 



This workout embodies a few very basic tactical/function principals.

1st workout - Complete 5 Rounds of

30 Double Unders - 15 Power Snatches - 30 Double Unders. 

If you cant do Double Unders (Sub for Tuck Jumps)

Power Snatches @ 95/75lbs

This mimics Move-Work-Repeat. You are going to have to move fast when you hear "MEDIC UP!" -  put in some work - then move some more. Whether that's sprinting to your battel buddy, then grabbing/moving gear, or picking up your teammate before its time to get off the X and move again. This workout helps build up your conditioning and endurance operating in your anaerobic zone, as your HR is gunna get jacked up, while also building some upper body strength as well. The double unders will feel like a reprieve after a few rounds with the power snatches causing you to dig deep to see the workout through. 

- Rest for half the time it took you to complete the 1st workout -

2nd workout - Complete 3 Rounds of

30' Bear Crawl - 30 V-Ups - 3 Wall Walks.

*for the wall walks only go as high as you can safely manage. 

This workout is all about the odd positions you will find yourself having to work through after you are tired & winded, and building up your core strength. 

If you ask anyone who has had to work in EMS/FIRE/PD/MILITARY - shit never hits the fan in a nice, clear, safe, easy to access space. Its in the muck of it all, working around obstacles, in cramped spaces, in odd positions. This is why we train our bodies to work in these conditions. By the time you get to the bear crawls, you shoulders should be toast from the 1st workout - but we are going to force them to perform and get us moving on all 4s. The key is to keep your core engaged as you crawl, giving your body the support it needs, before hopping right into V-Ups to further get those Abs burning. Finally we are going to burn out the rest of our upper body by pushing through a few wall walks. You never know the forces you are going to have to push back against... (Moving shit out of the way for access, pushing a buddy to safety, fighting back against bad people) Fact of the matter is - you have to be able to push back when you are tired, and this is exactly how we are going to train ourselves to be ready to perform. 

As always - stay active, go crush your goals, and go put in some work today. No body taking the easy route grows as fast as those who choose the more difficult path. Go find something hard to do - and go make it look easy. Thrive in the chaos and discomfort and become 1% better today. 


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