***CODE RED***


No ones available and its up to you to go & go & go some more. That's what we are preparing for with todays Tribe Weekly Workout. 

Code Reds, specifically in the Ontario Paramedic System means that there are no ambulances available to service calls, and unfortunately happens far to often then we would like to see. When those words come across the radio - it means its time to buckle down and get after it, because the second 1 call is done there will be another waiting - and another one after that, until the work is done and crews are freed up. This is why at TNT, when we train our functional & tactical training, we simulate job specific movements or demands that will be placed on responders. This is why we are bringing you 3 EMOM style workouts - back to back - to back o simulate this CODE RED CARDIO!

After warming up - complete the following 3 EMOM workouts back to back with no rest in between (other then changing up the weights for your workouts). You get as much rest as you can, with what remains in your EMOM after you have completed all of the required reps. exp: 1st circuit - E2MOM complete the 2 bench/5 pullups/10 JS. If it takes you 1:30 to complete it, then rest the remaining 30sec before starting after it again for the 5 rounds. However if it takes you 1:50, then you are only left with 10sec of rest. 

Sometimes we get time between calls - sometimes we have to drop and run to the next. This is how we prepare our bodies for stressful situations and the enduring demands of the job. Get warm - Get after it - Build yourself into an asset!

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