Tribe! This weeks workout is short but gets the point across very directly... You must be able to lift heavy - perform when required - and have the endurance to keep up with the demands of what's required of you. That's why we made the Rescue Ready workout. 

Every 2 min on the min complete 5 heavy back squats (80% of your 1RM minimum) and rest for the remainder of the 2min that you have after completing the 5 reps to depth. Do this for 4 rounds and then rest for 4min.

After your 4min rest, jump right into an 8min AMRAP of 8/8/8 Strict Pull Ups, Aggressive Slam balls, and 8 Sit ups. 

This workout is built around functional movements to keep you prepared when you're required to perform. You must be able to withstand the pressures of carrying a load, and depending on how/where your rescue operation takes place, you will have to pull, push, and engage your core to see the job through. Though this workout is short overall - it very quickly will make itself felt throughout your entire body. 

Strength and endurance are non-negotiable for any rescue operation. The stakes are high and lives are on the line. We cannot afford to have rescuers who are weak and out of shape. They must have the physical capability to handle the demands of the job, such as lifting and carrying heavy equipment, climbing & maneuvering, as well as adapt to working in challenging environments. Endurance is also a must-have, as rescue operations are often prolonged, physically demanding and mentally stressful. It is imperative for rescuers to have the stamina to perform throughout the entire operation.

Even though this workout might not mimic a prolonged deployment - it will push you to lift, press, pull, and move - even when fatigued. Train like you perform and be the reason someone makes it home safe tonight. 

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