In life we are going to be faced with many obstacles that require us to dig deep within ourselves and keep pushing one step at a time, until we cross the finish line. Moments where we have to tell ourselves that we have a little more in the tank and that we can keep moving forward until the job is done. This weeks workout will hopefully help you practice this skill of telling the little voice in your head that wants you to take it easy - and that you have done enough & can stop now... NO - you will keep on going. 

This workout is not fast, it is not tacticool, and is far from a weight throwing muscle building workout. It is all about increasing your aerobic base and building mental resiliency in the face of discomfort. Your body will be more then capable of tackling this workout, but its your mind that you will have to fight off as you push to see this workout completed. Sometimes the battles are slow, and require you to look at just the next step in front of you, the next minute of work, and not get caught up looking at the finish line that is too far ahead and maybe even out of sight. Take a deep breath, re-center yourself and focus on what's in your control. 


Set a 60min timer, your treadmill to max incline, and the speed to 3-4MPH. 

Start walking.... And every 2 min hop off and complete 5 burpees before getting right back on the treadmill trudging through the climb. By the end of the hour you will have completed 150 Burpees and climbed some serious elevation, increasing your aerobic capacity and mental toughness. Be stronger then your want to be comfortable. Don't negotiate with the inner voice that makes this workout seem more then what it is. You are more capable then you even know, and we gain confidence in our abilities by accumulating wins against discomfort. 


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