Hey Tribe, just posting a quick update and recap to the past week and a half and what the tribe has been up to and why there was a delay on last weeks weekly workout. 

The tribe has been working hard over the past months to get prepped for the Blue Mountain 2022 Spartan Trifecta weekend, where our head coach Chris was running the SUPER and SPRINT, and Marisa along with Andy & Pat from the No Weak Shit crew joined in to run the SPRINT as well. 

After an amazing weekend hanging out in Collingwood ON and walking the trails and waterfront of Blue Mountain it was race day. Sunday morning 630am registration and the venue was already bumping with the sound of eager racers. The crew checked in for the 0830 SUPER heat where Chris was competing, grabbed their timerbands, race numbers and headed out to the base of the hill to hangout and meet some amazing like minded racers that were about to tackle the same race as Chris, and shortly there after start getting warmed up and ready for race time. 

Its hard to express how amazing the vibe was hanging out at the bottom of the hill, with people of all walks of athletic backgrounds coming from the USA and coast to coast across Canada, all incredibly like minded in the sense of being ready to pursue an avenue of fitness that challenges you both physically and mentally. The crew made some new friends, got to reconnect with other coaches and teams that they had trained with through SGX and a Spartan Obstacle Specialist course, and then it was time. Ready in the heat with music blaring in the background "Who are you," is asked.... "I AM A SPARTAN!!!" is replied by every racer standing at the base of the giant Blue Mountain scape, ready to run and push themselves through 10kms of trail, 700m of elevation, and 25 crazy obstacles. "What is your profession?" the final question asked before every racer knew it was time to go. "AROO - AROO - AROO!" is all the spectators could hear over the blaring music from the venue before over 400people who took off up the muddy slopes of blue. 

The trails and views while on the course were spectacular, the hills challenging to navigate both the elevation as well as the incredibly muddy paths. A straight 2km sprint up 640m of elevation before the first set of obstacles. This course was nothing short of a pure challenge as the obstacles were perfectly spaced apart to ensure a proper push of your cardio while navigating ascent after ascent, tricky muddy descents, and then obstacle after obstacle designed to see if you were able to push past the burn in the lungs and the aches of your muscles to get the job done. To keep this recap short, you can expect to push yourself truly to your limits physically while on the super, but more so mentally as the race designers know how to set up a course with perfect twists that add that horrible level of difficulty right when you thought you had the race figured out. Non the less SPARTANS from all walks were more then happy to encourage each other to keep pushing and to overcome the dark thoughts when they creeped in. Chris nailed every obstacle shy of the Olympus, and even managed to stick both of his spear throws on his races and avoided having to do a single burpee in the spartan weekend (LUCKY HIM!!!) The same can't be said for the rest of the No Weak Shit crew hahahaha. 

Marisa and the crew put in an amazing effort on the Sprint, and had an absolute blast tackling the slightly shorter 5km race and 20 obstacles and coming out the other side of the event stronger individuals with a new love for OCRs. 

Now back up north and with a racing season coming to its end we are back on track with the tribe weekly training and you can expect the weekly workouts again with new twists and surprises that were learned from first hand experience during the Spartan weekend, and from great conversations with other athletes, trainers, and coaches that we had the privilege to hang out with and get to know. 


For a simple burner this week we will leave you with this. 

100 Burpees for time.

(record this time and rest for 5min)

Then complete as many burpees as possible in the time it took you to complete the 100 burpees for time. Can you do it twice?

Exp: 100 Burpees for time (10min) - REST 5min - Then 10min to complete as many burpees as possible. 

Good luck!


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