Tribe… We are about to show you a workout that will test you physically & mentally but also help to build an indestructible base for strength and endurance and set you head of so many others out there who re skipping out on this type of training.

Its been said so many times before but we will say it again - “The true test of anything’s stability and strength is the measure of its foundation.” With everything we face in our day to day lives, our professional lives, or in competition/fitness; our legs drive us in the direction we need to go. However, we always see people cutting themselves short - skipping the hard work, to build not only strength and endurance in our legs, but an unbeatable mindset with training as well. 

I would challenge you to take your training one step further, past a strong squat and beefy legs….

Can you push your legs to work through movements and demands once you’ve already made them work & put them through their paces?
I’ve seen this time and time again in commercial gyms, and in personal training - whenever there is a run or conditioning circuit after a leg workout, I continually observe broken spirits, resistance, and people quitting on themselves before they even get 1 step into the workout. 


You have so much potential, and your body is capable of ALOT more then you think it can, so by training to run on tired legs, or train through demand specific workouts, you build up muscular and mental endurance that beats the majority of others out there…..


Just by showing up to the workout. This is the TNT difference. This is why our athletes succeed. Its because we show you what you are capable of, and help you not only build a solid foundation, but help you push your mindset further, so by just putting in the work you are more prepared then the majority out there, willing to do what others won’t.


Required Equipmemt: Barbell + weights, rack, weight sled, room to run


GVT Squats (German volume training) 

EMOM x10min - Complete 10reps Back squats

(ideally bodyweight, or a weight that is 15-20% lower than your 10rep max)

REST 5-7min 


Complete 6 Rounds for completion

400m Run 

40yard Sled push (115/65)

10 Burpees

Resting 1min between rounds 


As always, make sure to cool down after a session like this. This is a lot of volume and demand put on your legs, take the time to properly stretch out your legs/hips/lumbar and get that ROM back into your lower half, rehydrate, refuel and get ready for your next workout!

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