About Us

Built up from a garage gym in northern Ontario, what started out as a want to improve my health and fitness to better protect my community working as a Tactical Paramedic - has turned into building a community of likeminded individuals that aim to better themselves. From our gear to our training, we aim to help those who protect and serve others, as well as those dedicated to improving their health and fitness, to improve in all facets of their lives. We aim to create monsters in fitness who can perform when the moment calls, and to create stronger, healthier individuals to become assets to their teams and families 

With over a decade of training in fitness/combatives and just under a decade working in emergency services I know what it takes to train to perform at peak capacity and develop an unbeatable mindset. Now with True North Tactical Fitness you can train like us and push to be the best version of yourself, and wear some pretty awesome gear while doing it!

I started my career in the Emergency Services as a PCP student in Southern Ontario with a dream of one day becoming a Tactical Paramedic, helping my community and being a key member to my team. From passing college lift tests, service fitness tests, tactical team selections, as well as the Ontario PIN test, I have pushed to increase my understanding and application of fitness time and time again.

Now with TNT I am bringing that experience, my wins and losses, and the education I’ve gained over the years, here to you. I know the stresses of needing to pass a fitness test to gain employment, and the dedication it takes to perform with the best (on specialized teams) and I want you to succeed in all those avenues of your life too!

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