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Full Training Package



2 months -$700 *You save 50$

3 months -$900 *You save $225


Everything you could ever need to have training success.

The full training package includes everything from customized personal training, habit and recovery coaching, as well as nutrition coaching!!!

This program has everything including the kitchen sink.


You will receive 4 weeks of customized programming specifically designed to get the results youre looking for.

All of your training is designed by our head coach and built to help you succeed in every fascet of training - nutrition - and recovery.

This plan includes:

- 4 weeks of programming 

- Habit & Recovery coaching

- Nutrition assessment and weekly nutrition coaching

- Weekly Coach feedback and check ins

- 1 Accountability/Progress meeting per month 

- Email/Phone support

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Join our tribe team and take the headache out of planning your workouts, and take your training to the next level. Follow the same programming as our coaches and athletes here at True North Tactical Fitness and push yourself to new limits. This is the perfect setup for an experienced gym go-er looking to take their training to the next level, who has access to a commercial or home gym and equipment.

When you sign up to train with the tribe, you get access to monthly workout programming designed to help build strength and size, increase  conditioning and endurance, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle to keep you functioning at your best for your team or family. 

With our TNT Tribe team you get access too:

  • Weekly coach feedback
  • Up to 5 sessions a week (Strength/Conditioning)
  • Running progression training and stretches
  • 1 week free trial 
  • All your workout tracking in one convenient app

Come check our training out, and join the tribe!

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*No custom workout programming or nutrition planning included in this program.



Custom Programming


Customized workout programming built to your specific training goals and geared towards your level of fitness. No matter what fitness goal you are looking to accomplish, I can help you get there!

WHAT WILL YOU GET: you will received customized programming with workouts that will be specifically designed to help you get the results youre looking for. Whether you are looking for 3 sessions a week to get into fitness, or 6 sessions a week to push your athletic abilities, this plan will put your training at your fingertips built to your specific goals.

All of your training is designed by a Certified Personal Trainer and built to help you succeed. Regardless of access to gear, prior injuries, or anything else you may think that may be a limiting factor in you accomplishing your fitness goals, I will design a program that is sustainable and achievable that also makes working out fun and engaging. No more cookie cutter workout programs, start training with TNT and get programming built to your lifestyle and needs.

This plan includes:

- Custom workouts based on your goals/limitations

- Weekly Coach feedback

- 1 Accountability/Progress discussion per month 

- Habit coaching + Recovery training to ensure you are getting the most out of your training.

- Email/Phone support

Please contact us HERE to book your free consult today!

Nutrition Coaching

75 - 300$/month*

Save 20% off nutrition plan when bundled with 1-1 or Custom training programs.

Our goal with TNT nutrition is for every client to have the best transformational experience in either how they feel, how they perform, or with their body composition. This service offers customized nutrition coaching and nutrition education to help you reach your goals. Whether you are looking for improved sports performance and sports nutirition, building healthier eating habits, or looking for weight loss help, our nutrition guideance and approach to coaching will help you adapt and overcome to achieve all of your goals.

Typically, the average client will spend 1-3 months with our program, with initial check ins every week - moving to every 2- weeks as you progress! All of our prospective clients will have an initial free consultation (30min) where we can assess your needs, get a chance to meet you, before we jump into your specialty programming.

What does this programming look like:

- First, we will have a consultation to make sure this fits your wants/needs

- We will then conduct an assessment to start the process of building your nutrition program

- We will teach you how to eat better, and provide nutrition education

- We will provide information on vitamins/supplementation

- We will support you and help you stay on track

- We will meet every few weeks (could be more/could be less)

- We will review your progress with you and make changes as required to keep you on your path to success

Why would you choose to be anything less than your absolute best..? TNT will give you the knowledge and tools to help you get to where you want to be!

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1-1 Personal Training Studio Session


Private 1 - 1 Personal Training session at TNT HQ, in our fully outfitted Studio gym.

(Greater Sudbury, Ontario area only)

Sessions typically run 55-75min including dynamic warm up, skill specific training, strength/conditioning workout, and cooldown/mobility.

Online access to training is great, but sometimes you need that face to face workout session to ensure proper growth in fitness and corrective assessments.
No matter what the fitness goal, or what your fitness level is currently, your 1 - 1 session will be geared towards your specific training needs to put you on the proper path to success. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey, or are a seasoned athlete looking to gear up for an event/season/competition, our training will meet your needs.

If you want someone right there with you to push you to your limits and motivate you through your sessions then this is for you! With workouts tailored specifically to you, I will help you target your balance and mobility, increase your strength and conditioning, and push your overall fitness to new limits. These individually designed sessions will consist of a perfect mix of resistance training, ballistic circuits, strength/conditioning, and mobility phases to help you get the results that you want. In addition to our training, I will also help push your mindset around training, and help change your belief system in yourself and your body to promote self-motivation, confidence, and focus on your goals.

Pair this training with our Nutrition Coaching and you will have one of the most comprehensive training packages out there, that will deliver results!

*Discounted prices available for multi-booked sessions.

  • 3 for $75/session ($225 total)
  • 5 for $65/session ($325 total)

**Bundle & Save options available when paired with Nutrition Coaching - save 20% off cost of nutrition plan.

Please contact us HERE for sign up information and consultation for training

Downloadable Programs/Challenges

Frequently Asked Questions

Working in Emergency Services, we know the toll this career takes on the body, and the demand it takes to perform under pressure when lives are on the line. We have trainedtrialedand perfected our programming that has allowed us to perform at our absolute peak fitness when failure isn’t an option, and have created a streamlined approach to provide you with top quality training to help you discover your true potential and perform at your best. 

At True North Tactical Fitness we pride ourselves for taking tactical/functional fitness and making it a streamlined process, that anyone can get started with and change the way they operate.

Whether you’re looking to improve your overall fitness, train like a tactical athlete, get OCR ready, are just starting out a new career or schooling for Emergency Services, or looking ensure longevity in your career by balancing mobility, endurance, and overall strength then we have training for you. 

That depends on what your goals are. If you re looking for a something to push you in the gym but don’t require 1 on 1 sessions then the Tribe training is the perfect set up for seasoned gym go-ers. If you need specific custom training to reach your goals then we offer both online customized training as well as 1 - 1 private sessions to help you crush your fitness needs!

That depends on what you’re looking to achieve, your schedule, and your budget. We suggest 1-2 sessions per week (1 - 1 studio session) to help you meet your goals, but if you can only do 1 session per week then we suggest that you complete 2 additional sessions on your own time to ensure you see progression and results.

This depends on your commitment to your training, how active you are, what your nutrition looks like, and your recovery. Typically our athletes notice changes within the first 4 weeks of starting their training and continue to see results as they continue. (Individual results vary your lifestyle/health history/training intensity/& metabolism.)

If you are consistent with your training regimen and make positive nutritional choices you will most definitely see changes in your body. The best way of gauging your progression is by looking at your body’s composition throughout your training and visually seeing new muscles grow, and other areas slim out with new definition. Everyone’s body changes and adapts differently to training and we try not to focus on “scale” numbers, but instead look at how you feel during training and throughout the day to gauge your progression. But yes - hahaha you will see changes!

We do not offer any meal plans, but instead can provide you with proper nutritional advice, and have a good look into your current eating habits to provide education and suggestions that can lead to sustainable changes that can have positive effects on both your training and day to day life.

Covid has helped us adapt our training and has made it easier then ever to provide you with quality training with some added perks. Here at TNT we utilize the "Train Heroic App" for all our team/program training. Everything you need and more available in 1 perfect App that's free to download and use with all of our programming! Keep track of your weights, progression, and have access to your entire training schedule already organized and ready to go + access to coach feedback and DM all within the app.

Our cancellation policy is 24hrs prior to your scheduled appointment (no cancellation fee - rescheduled based on availability). We understand that things happen and emergencies pop up that are out of our control, however we also have to be able to respect our other client commitment and the schedules of our trainer. We ask that you reach out via phone/email if you are not able to meet your scheduled appointments or consultations.




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