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Burpee Beast Program

Burpee Beast Program

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Take on this 30 day transformation program and develop unbeatable bodyweight strength, and harness the power from the movement everyone hates to love or loves to hate - THE BURPEE. 

30 days is all it will take to conquer the burpee in all its form, increase your bodyweight strength, build up your endurance and help develop mental resiliency by challenging you mentally and physically 30min at a time each day. 

This program was built with functional fitness in mind and is perfect to take on itself as a stand alone 30day mental strengthening challenge, or for an obstacle racer to take on in prep of an upcoming racing season, or even for someone looking to push their fitness without the added hassle of needing a gym or a bunch of equipment.

New to fitness - NO PROMBLEM

Seasoned athlete - PERFECT

This program will challenge everyone equally - The burpee does not discriminate!!!

Over 30 days this program has broken down the burpee into different functional splits that will build upper/lower body strength and explosiveness, as will help you develop rock solid core strength & stability. These workouts are <30min each, 6 sessions a week perfectly split to avoid overtraining with 1 day/week of respite to get charged and focused on seeing the next week through! 

BECOME A BEAST - and redefine your ability to master your own bodyweight. 


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Customer Reviews

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Taylor B.
Hell of a Program

Burpee Beast very quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses. The core work and cardio aspects will kick your ass into shape and give you enough stamina to really power through the rest of the program. The short workouts are extremely simple yet incredibly effective. Couldn't recommend it more highly!


Loved this program! Specifically, I noticed a drastic increase in my ability to do push-ups thanks to the Burpee Beast Program. Would highly recommend!